Carbon fiber core heavy-duty synchronous belt introduced

Time : 2023/12/4 11:43:25

    Sinochem News: Conditek has recently launched a new type of polyurethane heavy-duty synchronous belt with carbon fiber core wire - CONTA SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON. This product is suitable for high demand transmission systems in industries, agriculture, and engineering, and has the advantages of low maintenance, upkeep, and belt replacement costs. At present, ContiTech has provided customers with a full range of solutions.

    The core of the new synchronous belt adopts a new type of carbon fiber material, which has excellent ductility and wear resistance under high tensile load. The tensile strength under the same load conditions is only half of that of aramid wire rope belt products, and the wear resistance is 30% higher than aramid wire rope. High strength core wire can minimize the loss of prestress, effectively improving the efficiency of the transmission system.